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The one where Kathleen & I played tourist

The one where Kathleen & I played tourist

Hi all.

So as readers of my blog, you’ll know I had to take some time off because there were three weeks of non stop stuff going on, and the first of those was this beauty coming to stay with me for two weeks.

This is Kathleen Bennett and we’ve been friends for way too many years! Why were you excited she was staying with you then? I hear you ask! And the reason is because Kathleen lives in Florida, Jacksonville to be more precise and the last time I saw her was three years ago when I went to Orlando for two weeks. 

Naturally, with an American in London we had to do all the touristy stuff. Kathleen arrived on the Sunday, We didn’t really do much, to be fair the girl did have a VERY long journey and then some! I waited at the airport for 2 hours for her, apparently Gatwick felt that getting me up early on a Sunday wasn’t good enough, I hate to hang around at the airport and not sit down.

But anyway, I finally met her and it was amazing, we had so much to catch up on and talk about.
Once home we got showered and changed and headed on down to leicester square where we meet Kathleen’s friend Tori and her husband/Kathleen Cousin Matt. 

It was the Monday our adventures began, I decided to take Kathleen on a little walking adventure before we hit the London eye which we had tickets for, so I took her to St Pauls, across the Millennium bridge, it was a whole Harry Potter thing (Kinda lol).

Then we went on the London eye and although I hadn’t been on it in over 10 years, it was actually not too bad, you start off in some 4D thing that’s free (so naturally had to go!) Then we walked towards the eye! Great views of London and we took loads of pictures, we were both having fun until we realised that we really needed to stop taking pictures of the houses of parliament and move on!

Obviously had to stop and take some selfie’s first before the ride.

And then on the eye! Great pictures we’re taken.

That was an interesting ride, about half way round, the capsule moved! Oh my god, I freaked out, I looked to Kathleen and asked if she’d felt that movement, she did but the Chinese family in there didn’t seem phased by it! (They were too busy pushing Kathleen out the way to take selfies on that bloody selfie stick!!)

We finally came off and that’s when the camera’s came out, It was great because Kathleen’s a photographer as well so that worked well for me! We finally got to take pictures outside and of the houses of parliament! 

See how happy her little face is! haha, so excited!
So what next? Well naturally had to take one of these:

Wouldn’t be a visit to London without it right? I also had to get my creativity on with these pictures:

The first day was complete, but I think Kathleen was looking forward to the next day! And so was I 

Until next week …

Love, kisses and fairy dust wishes.



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