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The one where we ate with cats & saw some wildlife photography

The one where we ate with cats & saw some wildlife photography

Hi all.

Part 2 of four of this amazing trip! This was Tuesday the 19th and I know that Kathleen was very much looking forward to this trip and why? Because of the amazing Cat Cafe we were going too! Yep, you heard right! Cat Cafe (Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe) and needless to say it was amazing.

I had booked this months in advance so when the day finally arrived, we were both excited. It wasn’t far from me which was amazing, literally the other side of Liverpool street station, which also made me question why I hadn’t been there before! I love cats.

How cool does just the outside look! and the names of the coffees?! Just amazing. Having to wait outside for a while we were very happy when we got in an saw some kitty’s.

One even came and said hello to us! The food there was great, but then again, serving bagels from brick lane bagel shop, it’s going to be good isn’t it! I even ordered a red velvet cake for afters which I could not eat! Was so surprised at myself.

Even their bloody cutlery was amazing!! 

After I stopped taking pictures of our drinks,a lady who worked at the most amazing place on earth came upstairs to inform us that the little kittens they had are out and about for a play if we wanted to join, of course we did haha, so up we got and headed downstairs.

Guys seriously! I need a new kitten!!! 

So what next I hear you ask? It was time to go to the natural history museum, we had a couple of tickets booked for things, the first thing was a 4D virtual reality viewing with David Attenborough narrating a deep sea drive of the great barrier reef! It was so amazing you could see everything, all around you, that was about half an hour and we had tickets to the Wildlife Photography exhibition which I suggest everyone go and see if you’re into photography for not, it’s just perfection, the talent is amazing and gave me so much motivation, unfortunately you can’t take pictures in there  so you’ll just have to belive me when I say WOW!! 

Because my pictures are from my phone after the Cat cafe I just have the ones from my phone, so I hope you enjoy. 

Not a lot but until next time my lovelies.

Love kisses and fairy dust wishes.

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The one with Shakespeare’s birthday

The one with Shakespeare’s birthday

The one where Kathleen & I played tourist

The one where Kathleen & I played tourist