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The one with Shakespeare’s birthday

The one with Shakespeare’s birthday

I feel that this might be one of those long posts with a lot of writing but I don’t want that, I want to show you the pictures, from a fantastic weekend Kathleen and I had when we went to Oxford for part of her two week stay, there we met up with a very good friend of hers, Tori, and Tori’s husband Matt who happens to be Kathleen’s cousin.

On the 22nd of April Kathleen and I took a trip down to Barbican to Paddington to get a train to Oxford. We had a bit of trouble at first, mostly because I had forgotten my network rail card and had to get another one then I almost lost my phone. Basically everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, but regardless, we got on the train and made our way to Sunny Oxford.

Now I’d love to show you a pictures of Kathleen and I on the train, however I can’t seem to find it so you’ll have to settle for these three pictures of our arrival.

As you can see the weather was lovely! *Holds up sarcasm sign*.
The hotel we stayed in however, was awesome, it was called the Jury’s inn and who ever is thinking of heading to oxford I highly recommend it.

The first day was amazing, we met up with Tori and Matt who took us up on top of this amazing cathedral with views over the city, this was in Radcliffe Square, you can see the views in the pictures above, we then went into the bodleian library, this was amazing and it was also where they filmed the library scenes in Harry Potter (Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures in there as there was a strict not picture policy which sucked but what you gonna do!)

So Lets go onto the next day, the next day Kathleen and I woke up in the strangest bed ever!The bed itself was fine but such a weird experience when the bed cover its self doesn’t fit! 

Look at her so happy while I sit there and take some selfies.

Today was Tori’s birthday and we had gone out for a lovely walk around town. It was stunning.

It was also someone else’s birthday, Mr William Shakespeare’s birthday and they had a huge exhibition dedicated to him so we took a walk inside to see some early works from him and his work written on scrolls, it was amazing, unfortunately, due to the darkness of the room I didn’t manage to get any pictures, but after that we took a little walk into this adorable Alic in Wonderland shop, I wanted everything in there:

In the evening Kathleen nd I went back to the hotel and changed:

As you can see, she’s still got some growing to do! Bless. We met up with Tori & Matt for dinner and drinks:

All smiles.

Unfortunately, we come to our very last day -Que boos- but don’t worry! It was still as fabulous as the other days, Tori and Matt took us to one of the colleges, and it was super cute:

This college is where they filmed the ferret scene in the fourth Harry Potter film! Kathleen was seriously fan girling, it was awesome! 

After Kathleen (and I) stopped freaking out, Tori took us up this hill in this park and we got amazing views of Oxford. 

Overall I loved the weekend and it was amazing, Oxford is so full of history and lititure that you can’t help but feel inspired everywhere you turn. 

I can’t wait to go back 

Until next time my lovlies.

Love kisses and fairy dust wishes

1 fairy dust.png
The one where we went to Hogwarts

The one where we went to Hogwarts

The one where we ate with cats & saw some wildlife photography

The one where we ate with cats & saw some wildlife photography