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The one in Nottinghill

The one in Nottinghill

Before I start I have to say that this shoot was fabulous, we shot in Nottinghill because Lizzie wanted to find some colourful houses and I totally get what she was going but but unfortunately, we couldn’t find them.

Never being to Nottinghill before, which is strange seen as I’ve lived in London my whole life, but lets be honest, I’m never going to the carnival there so I don’t really have a reason to head there, but I digress. Once we were finally happy to appreciate the fact we were both lost as hell, we decided to take a U turn and shoot outside these amazing houses that you could only imagine to own in your wildest dreams. 

They were stunning


Apart from this one … This is not a happy lizzie, don’t worry, she get’s cheerier.

The jacket was a cool look, but without the jacket … a whole different outfit! How good does she look?!

Can I also just point out the it’s clearly not just me with the issue of bees! Look at the face!!! 

I saw an article the other day about the Beckham’s moving house and it was a picture of the house we shot infant of! Not sure if this was their place, but how cool would that have been. I’m not a fan of them at all … but still! 

Lizzie was trying to channel her inner Kim K and I think she worked it pretty well don’t you think?

For more information on the outfit worn please visit Lizzie’s blog

Until next time my lovelies

Love kisses and fairy dust wishes.

The one where Thuy did a Marlin Monroe

The one where Thuy did a Marlin Monroe

The one with the 8th birthday party

The one with the 8th birthday party