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The one in Rome

The one in Rome

Guys! I went to Rome!! Ok, I know for some this isn’t as exciting as I’m making this out to be but you know what, I loved it! I loved every second of it and truthfully I would go back.

Clearly on the flight, Holly Jess and myself looking forward to it and kindly letting me sit next to the window.

When we got there we jumped into a cab because honestly it was easier and our flight was at 8:10am we left so early.

Now guys, I hate to bring a downer on things but if you’ve ever seen hostel you’ll understand my concerns about our hotel room! Guys for real, someone had punched the bathroom door!


But this isn’t going to be about my hotel room and other crappy things about the hotel this is mostly about my images?

What was the first thing we should do? Grab a quick coffee and a biggie of course. The sun was shinning bright, so while we awaited our tour bus and relaxed, I managed to get a few images.

Once on the bus is was pretty sweet, we were given headphones which we plugged into the side by the seat and a tour guide gave us a guided tour of Rome, is was amazing, and we went past some pretty cool places.

Then had something to eat

Now we were here for 2 days and I loved it, but honestly I’m not going to be showing you two days worth of pictures because A) most of them are on my phone and B) that’s possibly the longest thing ever.

After Lunch however, we ended up at the Trevi Fountain where of course we made some wishes, I’m praying mine comes true 

You name it we did it. There’s also these little gems.

Just like my previous post, I’ve started to get a knack for getting videos again, I’d like to show you the video I made for the trip, hopefully this will give you more of an idea of how it went.

Until next time my lovelies

Love kisses and fairy dust wishes

The one at St James Park in the sun

The one at St James Park in the sun

The one where my nephew learnt from the best

The one where my nephew learnt from the best