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The one where Britney lives

The one where Britney lives

If you read my previous post you would have know that my next few posts are going to be holiday related. My holiday to the Caribbean was just out of this world and there's no word to describe how much fun I had!

This post is about St Barts, home of the rich and famous and although I don't have a picture to show you, we did see the house Britney Spears lives ... Lived, it's currently up for sale so if you have a spare $20million plus and love pink homes on mountains, then I'd seriously consider having a look!! For me personally, I think I'll stick to flat ground!

We didn't do much in St Barts but we had to go ashore, there was a Catamaran trip which we went on, but I didn't take my camera unfortunately, or any pictures at all but I can tell you it was amazing, we went swimming by the beach, the only problem was, because of the hurricane that had hit the Caribbean Islands a few months before, I didn't see any fish, loads of coral though!

As we came ashore, you could see the money, just look at those yachts. 

Below is the Crystal Yacht - Crystal Esprit, I can't even begin to tell you how stunning it is but just take a look for yourself.

50 (0940) St Barts.jpg

Look how happy my mother is against the back drop of St Barts, Island life suits here (the prices on the Island however, do not!!). Naturally as well, I had to shoot the Anchor, it wouldn't feel right it I didn't.

Until next time my lovelies 

Hugs kisses and fairy dust wishes

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The one with Sir Branson's Island

The one with Sir Branson's Island