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Showtime On The Frontline by Mark Thomas ★★★★✰

Showtime On The Frontline by Mark Thomas ★★★★✰

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The set was very basic but that didn't stop the atmosphere of the place.

Walking in you're greeted with a medium sized board with images projected on it with a no smoking poster written in Arabic and a no guns sign with tape around the wall, the three chairs sitting on the stage await the comedians. 

Mark Thomas walks on stage followed by Faisel Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada and they introduce each other starting the comedy strong.


Showtime from the Frontline is a story telling performance based on Thomas's experience in the Jenin refugee camp, Palestine. He tells the story of how he came to be in the camp and how the comedy workshop was set up to bring comedy to the Middle East. 

Setting up a comedy workshop in a Palestine refugee camp was never going to be easy, but with the help of Thomas's very funny and talented students, Alhayjaa and Shehada. The audience is taken on a journey right into the heart of the workshop and are shown and told exactly how this was done.

Mark Thomas Cambridge JUnction.jpg

The show never slows the pace and from beginning to end you're captivated, wanting to know how the story transpires. 

With real-life footage of other students within the camp and workshop, the show is both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Showtime from the Frontline highlights the struggles facing Palestine with Israel in a way that's both serious yet light-hearted but also shines a light on the real-life issues going on.

Showing at the Theatre Royal Stratford until the 21st of April I couldn't think of anywhere better for such a performance of its kind 


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